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Your Full Service Online Attorney Marketing Solution

Please understand that I am expanding this service from a thing that I do for lawyers that I know to something that is open to the public.  The following is a negotiable price list that I am experimenting with.  I will replace this list with a graphic checkout when I am satisfied with the feedback I receive on these prices:

  • Website Development ($30 a month in perpetuity or $2000 for outright ownership; domain and email setup included.  This includes 15 pages with original text, commercial use images, and we even accept custom plugins to make it easier on you.)
  • SEO Optimize Your Website $150
  • Blog Development $79 a month, 5 original articles guaranteed.  We distribute them for you.
  • Social Media Management $79 a month, 25+ updates
  • Monthly SEO Promotion ($29 to $500 per month; depending on your competition and goals)
  • Google Adwords PPC Management $39 a month for up to $2000 monthly budget (I personally earn thousands in billables for each $200 advertising my site, but your niche and goals impact this.  I will help you decide.)
  • File Server Configuration with Military Grade Encryption (one time $150 fee, includes demonstration)
  • Confidential Client Portal (one time $150 fee, includes demonstration, may be a fee averaging $10 a month to third party provider, depending on quantity)
  • 30 minutes of free consulting each month for anyone paying $50 monthly or more.  If anything erroneous is caused by us, it will obviously be rectified with no charge.
  • General consulting $50-200 per hour

My goal is to help you succeed.  This is not a giant corporation where you get sent to different departments.  Call me and we can figure something out.  Along the way I practiced areas of the law I was not exactly passionate about due to my investment limitations at the time.  There is always something you can win at, though.  I like helping folks make that happen, and we can do that.

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