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I founded this company because as an attorney I understand the unique needs of my attorney clients.  While I scaled back my law practice to pursue this endeavor, I continue to practice as an attorney in a boutique manner.  I have represented hundreds of clients and litigated numerous cases all the way to the jury verdict; however, marketing is simply my passion.   Each week my office is bombarded with offers that seek to waste our time as attorneys.  Even worse, many of these “scammers” intend to prey on those of us who are not technologically savvy.  My goal is to fix this serious problem in an ethical and professional manner.  Lawyers in this day and age must advertise.  Let’s do it together, and let’s do it correctly.

What We Offer

Ethical Compliance

Run of the mill marketing firms do not understand our professional conduct obligations as attorneys.  My staff is trained on them and an attorney always provides final content approval.  Ethical compliance is an after-thought by many marketers.  At our office we routinely review State Bar opinions relevant to our services to be able to provide an unprecedented level of ethical compliance.   We routinely find clear violations of ethical rules on attorney websites.

Technologically Sophisticated

We are early adopters that keep our clients on the cutting edge of modern technology; however, not all our clients are.  We understand this and focus on keeping things simple for you and custom-tailored to the level of control you seek over your campaigns.  Whether you want to not ever think about it again or micro-manage, we have a package available.

Total Transparency

Many companies will try and talk you into packages with fancy and often misleading terms.  We go out of our way to make the decision making process transparent for you.  Many companies will also attempt to “lock your content” and charge you outlandish fees for products such as an email address @yoursite or simple edits to your web pages.  This is simply not how we operate.

Flexible Packages

You can choose to purchase the copyright to all your content up front and own it outright.  You can also pay a monthly hosting fee where we retain the copyright.  You can choose from several different layers of promotion.  I will consult with you to advise you on what I recommend.  I am confident our work flow models allows us to deliver the highest quality work product to my attorney clients for our price point, period.


If a lawyer spends as much time as I do on their marketing, then they cannot have enough time to be a lawyer.

I knew Seth before I started my firm.  I’ve changed many of the companies I do business with over the years, but I continue to rely on Seth and his team for my tech and marketing.

—Lawrence Orta

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